Diocesan Projects

After the inauguration of the diocese, the Bishop, in consultation with the Clergy, the Religious, Church Presidents and Secretaries of all the Parishes, decided to carry out a Baseline Survey to draw up Pastoral and Socio-Economic Visions of the Diocese. It was realized that the diocese had to cope with many challenges including the establishment of structures, hence, was named “Nyame Bekyere” (God will intervene). With a humble beginning, the diocese began a journey of faith with complete trust in the providence of God. The Bishop used the Chaplain’s house at Christ the King Catholic Senior High School at Akaporiso, Obuasi as his first place of residence and the Cathedral office as the diocesan secretariat, till proper ones were built. At the moment the diocese is blessed with the following physical structures:

  • A priest’s House at Pomposo, Obuasi – for priests working at the Secretariat
  • A nicely built Bishop’s resident at Nyameso ( a suburb of Obuasi)
  • A renovated Cathedral Church and Presbytery.
  • Pope John Paul II Formation/Training Centre at Ofoase Kokoben for on-going formation courses for the clergy and the laity in order to witness to the faith. This centre is also open to individuals and cooperate entities that want to undertake spiritual uplifting exercise.
  • A Diocesan Secretariat at Kwabenakwakrom (A suburb of Obuasi)
  • Ave Maria Women’s Training Centre at Tutuka, Obuasi to create the awareness in women’s rights and roles they play in Society.
  • A Girl school Complex (from Primary to Secondary and Vocational) Called “Presentation of our Lady” school complex now at its early stages at kwabenakwakrom is a means of promoting girl-child education by the diocese in the country.
  • Jubilee 2000 Guest House (uncompleted)
  • The Fenech Guidance and Counseling Centre for student teaching at the Akrokerri College of Education still under construction.
  • A place of residence for Diocesan Workers at Pomposo,
  • Obuasi Our Lady Queen of the Heaven and Earth Grotto at Abono near Kuntenase to promote devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • The Benito Clinic at Dompoase An Eye Clinic at the St. Michael Hospital at Pramso near Jachie, Ashanti.
  • An Orphanage at Kwabenakwakrom (Under construction)
  • Currently S. Thomas Filtered Water Production Unit has been established at the Secretariat zpremises to produce wholesome water for public consumption