The Catholic Schools with the status of secondary education level in the diocese are Christ The King Senior High School at Akaporiso, Obuasi, St. John The Evangelist School at Bekwai, St. Joseph Senior High School at Ahwiren and St. George’s Senior High/Vocational School at Kuntanase.

Hospitals, Health stations and Clinics in the diocese include St. Martin’s (Agroyesum), St. Michael’s Hospital (Pramso), St. Peter’s Hospital (Jacobu), St. Thomas Clinic (Hiaa), St. Louis Clinic (Bodwesango), St. Mary’s Clinic (Yapesa) and Mother of God Clinic (Esaase-Bontefufuo).

Then, there is a health service centre taking care of the handicapped, mental rehabilitation as well as hospital service at Komfokrom (Dompoase near Adanse Fomena).